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A brief About ITES (El Dawlia)

International Trading and Engineering Supplies (ITES) is in business since June, 1996.
Our aim was to provide commercial kitchens found in hotels, resorts as well as hospitals and restaurants with genuine and original spare parts and to fulfill the needs of wholesalers. - ITES (El Dawlia) has carried its first importations of distinguished products from Germany and Italy and then the company expanded its operation so as to encompass many other brands for several European countries.
On continuous interaction with our customers in the Egyptian market and abroad, ITES (El Dawlia) has proven commitment to its principles, which is dealing in genuine and original European products only, those of high quality and at competitive prices.
As an entrepreneur in the Egyptian market, ITES (El Dawlia) was first to acquire sole agency of several major European companies such as: E.G.O, BACKER, SIT-Group, POLIDORO, RDF, EPS and SALINOX
As a result of all efforts exerted in the field and the credibility we built, ITES (El Dawlia) boasts that it became one of the leading specialized companies in the field of commercial kitchens' spare parts in the Egyptian market, and that is an achievement that we will spare no effort to maintain and work on prosperous.
To provide the highest quality original spare parts for commercial kitchens at all times at competitive prices
To expand across the Middle East and African markets
Provide ITES's employees with an appropriate work environment, raise their efficiency and develop their skills.
To contribute to our society's economic and tourism development.
Company's growth and increase Upgrade customer services
Upgrade customer services
Sustain products' quality at highest levels
Better living standards for company's employees.
High Standard Services
Competitive prices
Continuous development.
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